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Planning your next adventure is always exciting. You obsessively scroll through images on Pinterest and can already see yourself sipping coffee in some cute European cafe that you likely can’t pronounce. You’ve probably planned all the attractions and places you want to see, and heck, if your anything like me you may even know exactly how long it will take to get from point A to Point B down to the very last millisecond.

But despite how fun trip planning is, it’s also pretty overwhelming. Between finding the cheapest travel deals to remembering to pack your underwear, it’s difficult to know where to go to makes your travel dreams come true.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of my favorite tried and true travel resources. Everything listed on this page are websites and companies that I myself use and stand behind, or have come highly recommended from fellow travelers. All of the goodies you’ll find here have made traveling easier for me and I’m sure they will do the same for you!



This is my all time favorite sight for booking flights. For whatever reason it always has the absolute cheapest airfare, especially if you can afford to be more flexible with your travel dates. The great thing about Skycanner is that it lets you search by month, so that you can see the cheapest flights for each day. I also LOVE the ‘Everywhere’ feature, which shows you the cheapest flights from your location.


This is another great place for finding dirt cheap flights because they search the smaller budget booking sites that most others don’t. They also have the handy calendar feature, where you can see the cheapest flights for each day. Once again, this is especially useful if you can be flexible with the dates you fly in and out.


While I don’t book my flights through Kayak,  I do love their ‘Explore’ feature. Basically this shows you a map of the world, you type in what airport you want to fly out of and then prices will pop up all over the map showing you the average price to fly to any one location around the world. You can also enter how long you want your stay to be and select when you want to travel- either by entering exact dates or by selecting a season (i.e. summer, winter, etc.) for a more general approach.

Secret Flying

This website is AMAZING. All you have to do is subscribe to them and they will send you promos, error fares and travel deals from around the world for insanely cheap prices.


I haven’t used Busabout yet myself, but it comes highly recommended from other travel bloggers. Busabout is a convenient and cheap alternative to traveling around the world. The shuttles have routes all over Europe and Asia and you can hop-on hop-off whenever you want, so you’re not tied down by a schedule like group tours. Seriously! you can board a bus in Madrid and hop off in Budapest if you want. They stop at a lot of destinations and you can even take part in the adventures, festivals, and island hopping they offer.


If you are traveling around Europe you can’t really avoid using the Eurail. It connects all around Europe which makes it easy to get from country to country, but it tends to be pretty pricey. They offer a variety of different passes that will make it cheaper to use rather than buying individual tickets, but these can be expensive as well. Ultimately it depends on whether convenience is more important than price.



Airbnb is my all time favorite way to book accommodation. I hardly even consider hotels anymore unless I’m traveling with more people. Essentially, Airbnb allows you to rent out people homes for short or long term, and many of the place are incredible. The best part is you can find beautiful rentals for very cheap.

Sign up here and get a $40 bonus to use on your first booking!

Hostel world

The perfect option for budget travelers. Hostelworld has a huge collection of hostels and they are a great option for solo travelers- especially if you’re interested in meeting new people on the road. Plus, you can’t really beat the price!


This website has a wide variety of accommodation ranging from budget to luxury and are always offering deals and great prices.


The great thing about Priceline is that it allows you to bid on hotels, which means thats you can end up lowering the price significantly and saving money!


This website is great for booking accommodation in Asia for cheap. I have personally not used Agoda since I haven’t traveled to Asia yet (Hopefully soon!) but it is one of the mostly highly recommended sites. I’ve even searched for hotels on here just for the sake of research and I’ve got to say, It’s definitely all it’s cracked up to be!


Couch surfing is a great option for all the budget or solo travelers out there. It’s completely free and a great way to meet the locals. Sometimes your host may leave you alone to do your own thing, but more often than not they offer to show you around and take you to the best spots. Free accommodation and a free tour guide! My only advice is to make sure you read the reviews for the host you’re considering. Don’t be the guinea pig who decides to give a host with no reviews a shot, rather, choose someone who has wonderful ratings and has hosted plenty of other travelers prior to you.


Trip Advisor

As many of you probably already know, this is one of the best places for planning out your trip. From sites and attractions, to the best restaurants and walking tours, trip advisor has it all! They even have pre-made destination guides for your use. All you have to do is create a list for your trip and add all your favorites so you don’t forget.

Lonely Planet

If guide books are your cup of tea, Lonely Planet is for you. They are well organized, geared towards budget travelers, and the wealth of information the provide makes planning a trip a lot less stressful.

10 Best Travel Blogs

My favorite way to plan my trip is by reading bog posts from travel bloggers I admire and trust- Click above to see my Top 10 travel blogs!


The Traveling Spoon

The Traveling Spoon is SO incredible! This company connects travelers with local hosts who prepare homemade local cuisine in their homes. There are even options for learning how to cook the meals using methods passed down through generations, and visiting a market with your host. It’s the perfect way to travel “off the eaten path” as their website says!


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