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Hi! I’m Kristen Bowman– the photographer, writer, and traveler behind this blog. Bear with me- I’m awkward, introverted, and a whole other mess of things. Fortunately for you though, I like to think of these little quirk as my superpowers rather than the disastrous personality flaws that they probably are. It’s with these aspects of my personality, coupled with my passion for adventure, that I plan to take you on a epic journey of travel and foodie experiences to awaken the senses.

So without further delay, welcome to Magic & Camels– A travel and lifestyle blog for the food loving, book reading, cultural experience-seeking traveler.

My goal is to help inspire you to achieve your travel dreams and live your happiest life. Whether that be going to far off places, reading a good book, or indulging is bit of self care, I have something to offer for each.

SO, where did this love for travel start?

The answer is simple: travel blogs. I didn’t go on a life changing trip abroad or something equally magical. In fact, before this blog the only traveling I ever did were family vacations. I was going to school for a degree I didn’t want and thought I could’t pursue my passion because it went against societies idea of success. Yet, I would constantly research new destinations in hopes that I could one day make these plans a reality.

The more I read about other people not only traveling the world, but turning into a career as well, the more I came to realize that my dreams weren’t as impossible as I believed.

That’s why I started this blog, to inspire you, my adventurous reader, to push passed your fears, book that flight, and experience what this amazing world has to offer.

So whether that means strolling through Europe’s cobblestone streets or embarking on a backpacking trip of epic proportions, my hope is that this humble little corner of the internet will be a source of inspiration to kick your butt into gear and send you on your next adventure.

To discover new horizons, taste new flavors, and most importantly, live life to the fullest.


Now, you may be wondering “ummm, Kristen…why Magic and Camels? that name is a bit silly isn’t it?” – why yes, yes it is. Thank you for noticing! and I swear I chose it for a reason – I didn’t just think of the first two words that came into my head…..well, kind of.

After spending months trying to decide on what my blog name would be and going through many different ones that just didn’t feel right, I finally landed on Magic & Camels. I wanted the name to not only embody the travel aspects of my blog, but also all the extra goodies in between.

Let me explain.

While my blog is obviously about travel and lifestyle, the core of it is about going after what you want, achieving your dreams, and cultivating your best life. A life where you can have a sense of childlike wonder and be excited for new experiences – in other words, magic. Similar to the feeling you get when you’re going to Disney (It’s not just me, okay? everyone giggles like a maniac and jumps for joy when they’re at Disney- and if don’t, I’m afraid this relationship might not work out).

As for the camels, well, they happen to be my favorite animal. Fortunately for me though, they also happen to symbolize the basis of my blog. Camels have long been a symbol for travel and a means for transportation across the desert, and it’s not hard to see why. These incredible creatures are experts in journeying long distances and can persevere through some tough stuff to get to where they need to be. Just like you and me! (rhyming intended)

So there you have it.

Camels = Travel.

Magic =  Also travel, because lets face it, travel is pretty magical- but it also equals all the other stuff in between that makes life sweet. (Like books and food, my two greatest loves- insert heart eyes emoji here)

Combining the two just felt right and so me. It’s a tad awkward, a little ridiculous, and just the tinniest bit charming.


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  • Name: Kristen Bowman

  • Born: July 15, 1995

  • Based in: Florida, USA




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